Action number 21102 Last updated 28/01/2011 11:35:25 Year 2011
Title Geo-Information Management and Control Methods
Acronym GeoCAP
Type Action
Url http://mars.jrc.ec.europa.eu/mars/About-us/GeoCAP
Institute JRC.H Institute for environment and sustainability (Ispra)
Leader LOUDJANI Philippe JRC.H.4   E-Mail
2 Solidarity and the responsible management of resources
2.1 Agriculture, rural development, and fisheries
2.1.1 Agriculture and Rural Development
Ministry of Agriculture
CAP subsidy paying agencies
Customer DGs AGRI - Agriculture and Rural Development
ELARG - Enlargement
ENTR - Enterprise and Industry
ENV - Environment
REGIO - Regional Policy
RELEX - External Relations
Aerial photography, Biomass, Cadastre, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Co-existence, Cross Compliance, Farm Advisory System (FAS), Galileo, Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAEC), Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Green chemistry, Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS), Land administration, Land parcel, Remote Sensing, single payment scheme, (geo)traceability.
Rural areas cover 90% of the EU territory, of which more than half is farmed. Agriculture therefore plays a key role in determining the state of rural economies as well as the rural landscape and environment. Agricultural policy in Europe - the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) - is almost unique in being defined at EU level by the governments of Member States and implemented through regulations driven by the Commission, rather than through the implementation of Directives by Member States. The CAP aims to support farmers’ incomes while also encouraging them to produce high quality products and to adapt their agricultural practices to provide environmental services, including the preservation of a more sustainable environment. Not surprisingly, given this unique position, the CAP is one of the most significant policy instruments in financial terms. Direct aid payments under the First Pillar still make up the largest single component of the EU annual budget; the size of Second Pillar payments, while still relatively small, is increasing. In order to ensure that these funds are spent appropriately, Member States and Commission services have to set up correct management and control approaches.
Since its origins in the 50’s the CAP has gone through a series of reforms in order to adapt to the changing needs of both agriculture and society. The past decade has seen the evolution of CAP legislative requirements towards information that is geo-referenced, on-line, supported by up-to-date nationwide image datasets, and consolidated in the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS). Moreover, new information is required for the increasing range of support areas, including additional specialised crops (wine, vegetables, bio-energy) and more targeted policy goals such as respect of conditions (or cross compliance) attached to agricultural practice. As demands become more complex and inter-related, the information required - and the mechanism for delivering this information to farmers or Member State control agencies - requires a more advanced technological approach.
The GeoCAP Action's focus for the past ten years has been to anticipate and respond to these needs. Consequently, the GeoCAP Action has become the main JRC point of contact for DG AGRI, and EU Member States and Enlargement countries’ agricultural administrations for the CAP first pillar management issues. The Action provides scientific and technical support for the Integrated Administration and Control System’s (IACS) implementation, cross compliance implementation and information management linked to these issues.
Summary of the activity
The GeoCAP Action provides long term support to DG AGRI and Member States’ agricultural administrations for the effective implementation of the CAP First Pillar legislation. Whilst policy implementation, monitoring/evaluation and information management is the primary focus for GeoCAP, control methods for checking CAP claims is an important activity, dominated by two mainstream approaches: Control with Remote Sensing (CwRS), and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) parcel measurement. In 2011, the area measurement validation methods developed in 2009-2010 will be further consolidated via statistical studies. The Action also performs pro-active long-term exploratory activities geared towards sustainable whole farm management and rural area management. Each year, the specific objectives of the GeoCAP Action are driven by DG clients and Member States, to whom it ensures long term support.
In 2010, a new implementing (Commission) regulation was issued, following GeoCAP guidelines, with increased emphasis on updating the land parcel identification system and carrying out quality assessment. A full audit level implementation of this regulation will be carried out in 2011. Research on the development of a European-wide geo-database will continue, and INSPIRE principles will be tested and implemented in support of Rural Development.
With respect to cross compliance and Farm Advisory System (FAS) activities, support will be given to AGRI-D3 on FAS implementation, using feedback from the DG AGRI’s report to the Council on the FAS (due end 2010). Following modifications introduced by the CAP health check, the activity on cross compliance will focus on buffer strips, landscape features and water management, providing synergy with rural development (Pillar 2) policy and sustainable management of resources. Correspondingly, work and research on the detailed characterisation of land cover elements within the land parcel identification system (LPIS) of IACS will be reinforced.
The Action will assess how the evolution of CAP information requirements may evolve post-2013, taking into account the influence of other policies such as biofuels, environment, climate change, and biotech co-existence. Support on the geo-referencing of farm related data and activities is of particular interest for future developments on rural area management (e.g. a whole farm management platform). Work will be conducted on low carbon farming practices, measures for adaptation and mitigation to climate change in collaboration with other Units of the Institute for Environment and Sustainability. The Action works very closely on a bi-lateral basis with all 27 Member States and enlargement countries. As part of this collaboration, a conference will be held in 2011 with around 350 technical administration contact points, industry and scientific participants, producing a consensus on a wide range of technical issues pertinent to the CAP management activities. Specific workshops with focused themes will be limited to three further events.
Provision of scientific and technical advice to DG AGRI and MS administrations for the implementation of direct aid control methods and related area measurement methods of the current year's campaign [collaboration with JRC CID Action].
Deliverable  1.1
Revise work programme and image acquisition forecast for the 2012 Control with Remote Sensing (CwRS) campaign to consider outsourcing options, delivered to DG AGRI.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  1.2
Document on area measurement validation scheme linked to Art. 34 of Reg. 1122/2009.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  1.3
Results of "Control Methods" Workshop with Member States administrations responsible for the management of First Pillar checks on the 2011 campaign; report from meeting.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  1.4
GeoCAP annual conference on geomatics in support of the CAP which will allow MS administrations, EU officials, Image Providers and contractors to review the 2011 campaign achievements and help in the planning of the 2012 campaign; production of proceedings.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  1.5
WikiCAP pages linked to EC Reg. 1122/09 on direct payments providing Member State administrations with updated information.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  1.6
Common Technical Specifications and 'Art. 34' guidelines for On-The-Spot Checks 2012 campaign.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
To provide scientific and technical support to DG AGRI and MS administrations for the implementation of the Land Parcel Identification System Quality Assessment (LPIS QA).
Deliverable  2.1
Summary reports from LPIS workshop with Member States and DG clients.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  2.2
Reporting on the first year of implementation of the LPIS QA by Member States in the frame of Article 6 of Commission Regulation No 1122/2009.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
To further develop IACS spatial management and INSPIRE compliance [link with Spatial Data Infrastructures Unit, IES-JRC].
Deliverable  3.1
Guidelines on the collection and management of information regarding primary eligibility of land for direct payment within the LPIS.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  3.2
Report as a contribution to INSPIRE data specification developments for the themes of Annex II (Thematic Working Groups on Land Cover and Ortho Imagery) and Annex III (Thematic Working Group on Land Use). [link with JRC AGRI-ENV Action].
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
To provide scientific and technical support to DG AGRI and MS administrations for the implementation and management of Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAEC) and Farm Advisory System (FAS). [link with Spatial Data Infrastructures Unit].
Deliverable  4.1
Report from FAS workshop and written feedback on the Commission's report on FAS produced for the Council in December 2010.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  4.2
Peer-reviewed publication on Landscape feature identification within reference land parcels.
CAT7 - Scientific publications
Deliverable  4.3
Online GAEC and FAS Databases providing Member States administrations with updated information on GAEC or FAS implementation and management linked to EC Reg. 73/2009.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  4.4
Progress report on the GAEC implementation related study on buffer strip implementation along water bodies in collaboration with Regione Marche, Italy 30/11/2011 [link with Land Management and Natural Hazards Unit, FLOODS Action, IES-JRC]
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  4.5
Report from workshop with Commission services and Member States administrations on the implementation of the GAEC.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
To provide scientific and technical support to studies and projects of interest for the design of a whole farm management platform [link with JRC-IES AGRI-ENV Action, Biofuel Task force, JRC-IPTS AGRITECH Action].
Deliverable  5.1
Progress report on the development of the 'coexistence decision tool' in collaboration with the AGRITECH Action (JRC-IPTS).
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  5.2
Report on work packages 3 and 4 of the 'Low carbon farming practice project' (Administrative Arrangement between the JRC and DG ENV) [link with Rural, Water and Ecosystem Resources Unit, IES-JRC].
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  5.3
Peer-reviewed publication on Co-existence management using Land parcel reference systems.
CAT7 - Scientific publications
To provide scientific and technical support to the administrations of candidate and accession countries for the setting up of the different components of their future Integrated and Administrative Control System.
Deliverable  6.1
Reports as part of the INSPIRATION (Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Western Balkans) project Steering Committee; Review reports of key regional events and various project reports [link with DG ENLARG].
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  6.2
Build capacity for the Bulgarian and Romanian Certifying bodies to establish their strategy for auditing the work performed by Bulgarian and Romanian Paying Agencies to control and monitor farmers' subsidies [link with DG AGRI J5]
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  6.3
Study and report on the possible implementation of CwRS and LPIS in Iceland [link with DG ENLARG]
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
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