Action number 11602 Last updated 11/03/2011 14:44:09 Year 2011
Title SHAring Policies for Environment
Acronym SHAPE
Type Action
Url http://sdi.jrc.ec.europa.eu/inspire
Institute JRC.H Institute for environment and sustainability (Ispra)
Leader SMITS Paul JRC.H.6   E-Mail
1 Prosperity in a Knowledge intensive society
1.1 Competitiveness and innovation
1.1.6 Data harmonization
European Committee for Standardization
European Environment Agency
INSPIRE Legally Mandated Organisations (LMO)
INSPIRE Initial Operating Capability Task Force
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Customer DGs AGRI - Agriculture and Rural Development
ENER - Energy
ENTR - Enterprise and Industry
ENV - Environment
ESTAT - Eurostat
INFSO - Information Society and Media
MOVE - Mobility and Transport
REGIO - Regional Policy
RTD - Research
INSPIRE, spatial data infrastructures (SDI), geographic information, Geographic Information System (GIS), environmental information, public sector information, interoperability, network services, innovation, e-Government, e-Environment, metadata, data access, sustainable development, data integration, data harmonization, data specifications, Group on Earth Observations (GEO), Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), Global Monitoring for Environmental and Security (GMES), Shared Environmental Information Systems
To understand the complex relationships between our changing environment and society, we need to adopt an integrated approach across disciplines, environmental themes, and policies. To do so also needs more integrated information across systems and scientific domains so that we can build the evidence of what is happening and what would be the consequences of our actions, or lack of action. Europe has a long tradition in sharing environmental information but more can be done to improve the effective use of this information, for science, policy, and informed public participation.
To address this challenge, the European Commission works with the Member States of the European Union, the European Environment Agency, and other stakeholders on three main policies: (i) the development and implementation of an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC); (ii) the development of new information services to support Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES COM (2005) 565, COM(2008) 748); and (iii) the development of a Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS - COM(2008) 46) as an evidence-based framework in which to coordinate environmental policies and policies that affect the environment.
In the environmental field, the European Union plays a major role in international negotiations on climate change and other multilateral environmental agreements that tackle changes affecting our planet. In this context, an important international initiative in which Europe participates is the implementation of a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) which aims to improve the monitoring of environmental change and our understanding of the mechanisms linking the various physical, chemical and biological processes which drive these changes.
INSPIRE, SEIS, GMES and GEOSS are closely connected. The JRC Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) Environmental information systems implementation and evolution (ENABLE) Action cover all phases of their Policy Cycle, thereby promoting their coherent development. The SHAPE Action focuses mainly on the first three phases of the Policy cycle (Agenda Setting, Policy Formulation and Adoption).
The SHAPE action contributes to the Thematic Area 3 "Sustainable Management of Natural Resources" by honouring the commitment to adopt interoperability standards and specifications for INSPIRE, and by ensuring interoperability with GMES, GEOSS, and SEIS.
Summary of the activity
This Action undertakes the scientific, technical, and organisational activities necessary for the formulation of the INSPIRE daughter legislation, i.e. the INSPIRE implementing rules for the interoperability of spatial datasets and services, and network services, and also supports the growth of the INSPIRE ‘broader community’ though the evolving INSPIRE Forum. This is carried out in close cooperation with DG Environment and Eurostat, and in partnership with the European Environment Agency (EEA), the INSPIRE Spatial Data Interest Communities, Legally Mandated Organisations in the Member States, and the INSPIRE Drafting Teams and Thematic Working Groups which are composed of national and international experts.
This Action contributes to the development and implementation of the new vision of SEIS as a policy coordination framework, together with DG Environment, Eurostat and the EEA. It also undertakes research and studies on the environmental monitoring programmes in the Member States including inventories and analysis of impacts, synergies, overlaps, gaps, and of mechanisms for exchange of best practices and policy coordination. The Action further provides advice to GMES on its interoperability with INSPIRE and other international initiatives and on the coherence of GMES components with INSPIRE specifications.
Through this Action, the JRC supports the development of GEO/GEOSS as an international (voluntary) policy framework. In particular, this Action leads the definition of GEOSS User Requirements, contributes to the formulation of guidelines to implement the GEO data sharing principles, and promotes the coherent development of the GEOSS architecture and infrastructure with INSPIRE and GMES. Within this context, this Action also collaborates with international organisations to support the development of Spatial Data Infrastructures at the global level.
This Action has a strong research component focused on semantic interoperability, ontologies, spatial data quality, spatial data generalisation, and ex-ante socio-economic impact assessment to support policy formulation and adoption. Together with the ENABLE Action, the SHAPE Action aims to reaffirm the role of the JRC as the recognised reference centre for spatial data infrastructures and environmental information management research. The core of this Action and its objectives are guided by the multi-annual INSPIRE roadmap (May 2007 to May 2019) and by the INSPIRE Work Programme.
The work of the SHAPE Action on INSPIRE, GMES, GEOSS, and SEIS is truly international with a strong European dimension. Good cooperation exists with the Group on Earth Observations (staff members of the Action co-chair the GEO Architecture and Data Committee and the User Interface Committee, and participate in the GEO Data Sharing Task Force), and European and international standardisation bodies (CEN, ISO, OGC).
To coordinate and support the development of the INSPIRE Implementing Rules. This objective is achieved in collaboration with Thematic Working Groups set up by Policy DGs, European stakeholders and expert groups, and the JRC INSPIRE Network, including in particular Actions 11601-ENABLE, 22004-SOIL, 13109-SES, and 13107-REEF [in cooperation with EEA].
Deliverable  1.1
Draft INSPIRE Implementing Rules for the 'Invoke spatial data services service' [link with Administrative Arrangement ESTAT INSPIRE Transposition Phase, Deliverable 3.1].
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  1.2
INSPIRE Data Specifications V2 for Annex II and III spatial data themes (In cooperation with EEA) [link with Administrative Arrangements ESTAT INSPIRE Transposition Phase (Deliverable 4.5), and DG ENV INSPIRE Data Specifications (Deliverable D1.4.3)].
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  1.3
Progress report 1 on SDS IR development [link with Administrative Arrangement ESTAT "INSPIRE Implementing Rules and Tools", (Deliverable D1.1]]
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
To support the INSPIRE Directive by fostering participation and capacity building activities in the INSPIRE stakeholder community, and maintaining links with the research community.
Deliverable  2.1
INSPIRE Conference 2011 and related proceedings.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  2.2
Upgraded INSPIRE European Commission and Forum WEB 2.0 websites.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  2.3
New edition of the International Journal on Spatial Data Infrastructure Research.
CAT7 - Scientific publications
Deliverable  2.4
Intermediate report the on-going initiatives in Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia to develop a National Spatial Data Infrastructure following the principles and provisions of the INSPIRE Directive.
CAT7 - Scientific publications
To support the policy development of the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) in collaboration with DG ENV, EUROSTAT, and the EEA. This includes contributing to the definition of the SEIS concept and vision, and identifying and assessing policy options for SEIS in the framework of the SEIS-BASIS project for DG ENV.
Deliverable  3.1
SEIS Policy Options and Assessment Report. [Link with 31114 SEIS BASIS Lot 2, Deliverable 3.5]
CAT7 - Scientific publications
To foster interoperability between GMES Components (including Initial Operations), INSPIRE, GEOSS and SEIS.
Deliverable  4.1
Report on the status of interoperability between GMES, INSPIRE, GEOSS and SEIS. (Support to GMES). [Link with Administrative Arrangement with DG ENTR on GMES]
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  4.2
Draft CEN Technical Report on European projects and Best Practices in Interoperability. (Support to GMES). [Link with Administrative Arrangement with DG ENTR on GMES]
CAT2 - Policy support documents
To contribute to the development of GEOSS by fostering coherence with INSPIRE and GMES.
Deliverable  5.1
Revised GEO strategy for the Architecture and Data Committee.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  5.2
Final version of the GEO Data Sharing principles.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  5.3
GEO User Requirements report.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
To advance research in semantic interoperability, ontologies and ex-ante impact assessment for spatial data infrastructures, and ensure a strong link with the international research community. (in collaboration with the ENABLE Action).
Deliverable  6.1
Position paper on the Next Generation Digital Earth.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  6.2
Scientific publications to advance geographic information science, including a publication on the progress of interoperability between INSPIRE, GMES and e-Environment.
CAT7 - Scientific publications
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