Action number 53103 Last updated 03/03/2011 14:32:30 Year 2011
Title Forensics Analysis and Combating Illicit Trafficking
Acronym FACIL
Type Action
Institute JRC.E Institute for Transuranium Elements (Karlsruhe/Ispra)
Leader MAYER Klaus JRC.E.7   E-Mail
5 The EURATOM programme
5.3 Nuclear security
5.3.1 Nuclear Safeguards, Additional Protocol and Combating Illicit Trafficking
Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority
Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic
Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
Customer DGs AIDCO - EuropeAid
ENER - Energy
HOME - Home affairs
RELEX - External Relations
Nuclear security, nuclear forensics, vulnerability, non-proliferation, law enforcement, illicit trafficking, nuclear terrorism
"Nuclear terrorism is one of the most challenging threats to international security, and strong nuclear security measures are the most effective means to prevent terrorists, criminals, or other unauthorized actors from acquiring nuclear materials." This statement from the Nuclear Security Summit hosted by US president Obama in April 2010 strongly underpins the need for better collaboration and for further improving the technical means in the nuclear security area. ITU has been involved in combating illicit trafficking for almost two decades and built up a world-class reputation in nuclear forensics and in response to illicit nuclear incidents. ITU will continue to provide its expertise and enlarge its scientific assets in order to effectively contribute to international efforts for combating illicit trafficking and nuclear terrorism. The collaboration with national authorities (such as law enforcement, regulatory, radiation protection) and international organisations (such as the IAEA, Europol) will be reinforced.
Summary of the activity
FACIL will continue to cover all aspects related to the "response to illicit incidents involving nuclear material". Close cooperation with other Actions (of complementary nature) will contribute to establish a comprehensive approach comprising aspects of detection and response. This includes a) the development of conceptual approaches for formulating and implementing national response plans, b) the research and development in technical nuclear forensics methodologies and c) the application of forensics techniques for investigative case work. The collaboration with national authorities (such as law enforcement, regulatory, radiation protection) and international organisations (such as the IAEA, Europol, Interpol) will be further strengthened. This scientific/technical work is encompassed by appropriate training activities.

The CBRN action plan, as adopted by the Council, the IAEA's Nuclear Security plan 2010-2013, the Communiqué and the Workplan of the Nuclear Security Summit and other related documents are taken into account, where appropriate, for the implementation of the work program. Complementarities and synergies with other actions within the Institute and in other Institutes are exploited; the respective collaborative and coordination efforts are described hereafter. The issue of reference materials for nuclear forensics will be addressed jointly with 53102 (METRO) , this comprises the definition, production ad certification of reference materials. Web-based tools for nuclear security applications and appropriate training will continue to be developed, this includes specific nuclear security related training courses for NUCLEONICA and the development of calculational modules and simulation tools. Training in nuclear security will be coordinated with 53201 (NUSIM), this includes the starting implementation of a European Nuclear Security Training Center at ITU. The development and improvement of nuclear forensics analysis techniques will benefit from expertise available in the actions 53108 (NTAS), 52201 (SCNF) and 51301 (FAR), resulting in joint publications.
Training activities in the nuclear security area will continue to be carried out at ITU. In 2011 first steps towards a European Nuclear Security Training Center will be taken.
Training sessions for Mobile Expert Support Teams from member states. National experts will train with non-destructive measurement equipment the detection, localization and identification of nuclear material. To this end, the wide selection of materials available at ITU will be used.
At least two training courses will be offered for member state experts
CAT8 - Training courses
Condition to the signature of an Administrative Arrangement between the JRC and DG HOME, a Nuclear Security Training Center will be established at the JRC with strong involvement of EU Member States. In 2011 the required physical upgrades, laboratory modifications and adaptations of facilities will be implemented
First phase of the design of the facility will be completed. Installation works will start.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Development of the training syllabus for different modules.
CAT8 - Training courses
Identification of experts from member states to be involved in the training as instructors, lecturers, validators. At least five organisations from Member States shall be identified as members of a network supporting the training center.
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Provide training on the response to illicit trafficking and radiological events to participants coming from countries included on the Enlargement & Integration strategy
3rd Advanced Training Course on Illicit Trafficking and Radiological Consequences with NUCLEONICA (ITRAC-3)
CAT8 - Training courses
Continued effort on knowledge transfer and upgrade of equipment for combating illicit trafficking in states of the Former Soviet Union and other areas of the world. These activities are funded through the Commission's "Instrument for Stability"
Implementation of ongoing projects in the nuclear security area (combating illicit trafficking and nuclear forensics) with Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
Provision of specific technical training to experts from beneficiary countries.
CAT8 - Training courses
Provision of equipment (based on tender procedures) for use in laboratories and for in-field use.
CAT4 - Technical systems
Possibility for identifying new projects consistent with the Commission's Nuclear Security policy will be discussed with potential beneficiary countries and with the competent Commission services (DG AIDCO)
Project descriptions will be elaborated
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Continued international cooperation on nuclear security issues, further sharpening ITU's profile in this area. In particular, ITU shall continue its leadership of the "Nuclear Forensics International Technical Working Group" (ITWG). Furthermore, ITU will strengthen the links with the "Global Initiative for Combating Nuclear Terrorism" (GICNT). The well established relationship with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will be further reinforced.
Deliverable  03.1
Evaluation of ITWG nuclear forensics rond robin (publication)
CAT7 - Scientific publications
Deliverable  03.2
Provide a report to the IAEA (as part of their Coordinated Research Program) on nuclear forensics methodology. Participate in IAEA consultancies relevant to nuclear security.
CAT2 - Policy support documents
Deliverable  03.3
Contribute presentations, lectures and demonstrations to IAEA training courses on nuclear forensics and on related areas. At least two such trainig courses ("radiological crime scene management" and "examples of nuclear forensics case work") are anticipated for 2011.
CAT8 - Training courses
Deliverable  03.4
Contribute to technical meeting(s) of the GICNT pertinent to nuclear forensics
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Provide nuclear forensics support to EU Member States and to other states or international organizations upon request.
Deliverable  04.1
Nuclear forensics analysis report to be provided to requesting national authority or international organization
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Deliverable  04.2
Outreach to EU member states and establish legal basis for nuclear forensics support by means of signing a "Joint Analysis Agreement"
CAT5 - Other policy support products and services
Research and Development on nuclear forensics signatures and respective measurement methodologies.
Deliverable  05.1
Publication on stuctural characteristics of uranium ore concentrates
CAT7 - Scientific publications
Deliverable  05.2
Statistical evaluation of chemical impurities and of vibrational spectra of uranium ore concentrates
CAT7 - Scientific publications
Deliverable  05.3
Publication on propagation of selected chemical impurities throughout the uranium conversion process
CAT7 - Scientific publications
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